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TotalMix FX

RME presents: The next Windows and Mac OS X driver generation with TotalMix FX for All RME audio interfaces

Over a period of more than 13 years, RME changed their basic driver design several times, to gain best performance out of the ever changing hardware and operating systems.

RME's latest PCI/PCIe Windows driver version 4.03 offers an easy to understand and flexible to use Interleaved option for WDM operation, plus extended Speaker device control. It also offers sample rate control for professional multichannel audio interfaces by completely unloading/reloading all current WDM devices, giving full control of the desired sample rate under Windows 7 and 8.

FireWire and USB drivers for RME interfaces have also been updated with new features and slightly improved performance, under both Windows and Mac OS X. Full compatibility to the latest Windows 8 and Mac OS X is expected from RME's customers, and RME delivers.

But even if ASIO for Windows or CoreAudio for Mac OS X is used, the new driver generation has something unique to offer: TotalMix FX. Yes, RME ported the latest TotalMix FX back to all devices released since 2001! Of course there is no EQ, no Echo, no Reverb, no Dynamics, as the hardware back in these days was not built to render those. Still there are many advantages and additional features in comparison to the previous TotalMix. 


Please allow us to repeat it one more time and make it absolutely clear: Now TotalMix FX can be used with all RME HDSP(e) cards, as well as the legendary FireWire audio interfaces Fireface 800 and Fireface 400. TotalMix FX 4 All arrived, here and now. And it is full of amazing features:

  1. Choice of mono and stereo channels
  2. Improved graphics including zoom states and brightness control
  3. OSC remote control
  4. Separate control room section, Cue, flexible talkback for all outputs, 4 Mute and Solo groups, Recall,External Input, local and global TrimGains/Post support with exclusion, channel layout presets to hidechannels or MIDI remote functionality, 2 Row mode, multiple remote support, assignable F-key commands,Windows/Mac compatible mixer files, Matrix with Mono/Stereo mode, PFL mode, and and and…


The list is long - and getting longer as TotalMix FX will progress going forward. Updating customers are invited to read the chapters describing TotalMix FX in detail in the global User Guide update:

User Guide (english) (german)

This update to the existing manuals covers the new functions and features with WDM devices as well as the current clock options. It explains all TotalMix FX features supported by the older interfaces and is therefore also a recommended read for Mac users of Fireface 800/400.

Driver Download

Overview of TotalMix FX support for RME‘s Pro Line and Premium Line devices (PDF File)